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The Path SEO Guide Book

Get Your Law Firm on the First Page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Others

How do law firms get their content on the front page of Google? You can do it too! 

Find out how in this step-by-step guide. 40 pages of how-to.  pictures, tools, supplemental materials, and a free consultation with the author.  All FREE.  

SEO Consulting Vs SEO Service

SEO Consulting Differs From A Typical SEO Service Provider’s Package

SEO Consultant

  • Dives Deep Into Understanding Your Firm​
  • Crafts Custom Marketing Solutions
  • Delivers Award-Winning Results
  • Operates as A Virtual Team Member
  • Gets to Know Your Team, in Person!
  • Only Works With Selected Clients

SEO Service

  • Sells a Packaged Product
  • Uses a One-Size Fits All/Most Approach
  • Doesn't Know if Clients Are Receiving Awards
  • Doesn't Know Your Team
  • Works With Anyone That Buys Package, Even Your Competition

We Only Work With One Firm in Each Market

We’re not here to sell a pre-packaged service to you AND your competition.  We are here to help you dominate search results, get clients, and grow (only) your business.


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The Path: A Step-by-Step Search Engine Marketing & SEO Guide Book for Law Firms

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The Path SEO Guide Book
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