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  • What Does it Mean to be a Ward of the State

    When an adult is unable to care for themselves due to disability or disease, someone else has to manage their affairs. This is often accomplished by appointing a guardian. When no family member is available to become the guardian, the adult who needs care may become a ward of the state. What is a Ward The post What Does it Mean to be a Ward of the State appeared first on Lilac City Law.

  • Understanding Guardianship for Young Adults with Disabilities

    As a parent, friend, or family member of a young adult with a disability, you are intimately aware of your loved one’s capabilities and limitations. This person may require assistance in making important decisions that impact their quality of life, health, education, or financial wellbeing, among others. While acting as an informal advisor provides some The post Understanding Guardianship for Young Adults with Disabilities appeared first on Lilac City Law.

  • What is Permanent Guardianship of a Child?

    When you obtain permanent guardianship of an individual, you are requesting a permanent relationship between you as the guardian and the individual to be created. Permanent guardianships can often not be terminated unless the guardian or courts feel it is best. The term permanent guardianship may also be used when a person wishes to obtain guardianship of someone that The post What is Permanent Guardianship of a Child? appeared first on Lilac City Law.

  • When Can you Claim Social Security?

    Claiming Social Security can be a long process, but it’s one that can leave you with life-saving benefits that let you live with dignity even after suffering an injury or developing a condition that leaves you unable to work. Social Security Disability Benefits can be difficult to get, and it’s common for applicants to be

  • How to apply for Social Security

    Social Security Disability benefits ensure that workers who sustain injuries or develop conditions that prevent them from working are still financially covered. Disabilities can come in many different forms, as both physical and mental conditions can qualify. If a person with a disability is approved for benefits they will receive regular payments from the U.S. Social Security Administration, an agency of

  • How to Fill Out a Function Report?

    One of the first things Social Security will send you after you file your Social Security Disability application is a Function Report. This is a form that asks you why you can’t work and it also asks a bunch of questions about whether you are able to do basic household activities. Social Security will use

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