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How to Drive Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

How to Drive Traffic to Your Lawfirm Website

Does the proposition of a steady stream of new and well-qualified traffic to your website sound like something you’ve heard before, but never been able actually to create?

You’re not alone. A staggering number of law firms face the client-lead struggle.

There is a way out of this lead drought. You can drive traffic to your law firm website and your email inbox or phone, you only have to commit to following some of the practical marketing advice that follows.

Create Great Content, Give Clients a Reason To Visit Your Law Firm’s Website

Your website is no different from the bar down the street! Is that too harsh? Follow me here.

For that bar down the street, what would you advise them if they wanted to get more feet in the door on a Wednesday night? You’d say, create an atmosphere that caters to the clients you want. Are you a sports bar, a dive bar, a biker bar, or some other kind of bar? Knowing the answer to this question, you’d likely start proffering that they build up events, catering, even decor that meets the expectation of their customers, and perhaps even begin creating buzz or marketing that (potentially) meets their niche clients/customers’ pain points (I want to go to a bar that I feel comfortable at).

If you’re still tracking on this analogy, apply it to your website. Why would clients want to visit it? What does it offer that is drawing them to you vs. your competition? *Hint: If it’s a stoic picture of a lawyer or Corinthian columns, it’s not going to work.

Your clients want to visit your website because, hopefully, it answers their pain points. They need or want someone like you to help them with their legal issues, but how do they know to come to you? They are going to a search engine and typing in a generic question that to them has significant importance! “How do I sue someone?” “Are there free attorneys in Panama City?” “How long does it take to win in court?”

Look at the picture below.

The article in the search response directly answers the question from the search query!

Speak Your Clients’ Language – They Don’t Speak Your Language

Take a second look at the questions above. They are not super accurate. Often, the best performing searches use the wrong terms or the wrong context entirely. Why?

Your clients are not lawyers. You’re the lawyer! If you try to communicate a legal issue to them in terms that you’d use in submitting an opinion to a peer journal, you will lose them in translation. Your future clients, using search, will find you using the terms they know. That means, your site, your content needs to be crafted in their language, not yours.

Here’s an example: If you decided to write an article about the appeal timelines for adverse benefits decisions relating to ERISA based long-term disability benefits policies – you will miss out on the client searching for long-term disability attorney, or appeal a long-term benefits denial.

Do you see the incongruency caused by the level, or style, of language in those three phrases? While the article you may write uses the correct language, it does not use the common language, and because of this, you’re missing clients… A LOT OF CLIENTS!

Create a Dynamic Law Blog

You can see at this point, developing a blog is a crucial recommendation if you want to generate long-lasting, self-qualifying traffic. Why? Because this is your best chance to become the primary source for all clients initial questions to search engines.

A law blog is cheaper than pay-per-click or even pay-per-lead advertising over a several year period. Moreover, if you ever have to trim back or stop, your content will continue to generate traffic over time. Good advice will stay good advice until the law substantially changes!

Want to know more about creating a Traffic generating legal blog?

Read this following article, and reach out to us today.  We build and ghostwrite blogs for law firms across the US! Contact Us to write yours too!


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