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Three Simple Tips for Writing Blog Articles & A How-To Video

Three Simple Tips for Writing Blog Articles

Have you ever sat down to write a blog article and stared at a blank white screen?  Writing is a difficult enough process without knowing where you’re going with your ideas, how to frame them, make them understandable, and format them with the reader in mind.  There is something that all blog writers can do about these challenges; they can use the following three simple tips for writing blog articles.


Tip 1: The 5 Paragraph Message Format

One of the biggest challenges to writing blogs consistently and quickly is overcoming the challenge of knowing how to write a piece of work in the first place.  The five paragraph formula is an excellent starting point for doing this. The five paragraph method puts an introduction at the head of the article, allows for the explanation of a set number of ideas in the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th paragraphs – then wraps it up with a solid conclusion and a call to action.

Easy 5 paragraph format for blog articles

Tip 2: Make Your Blog Articles Readable and Understandable

A great blog article must be easily readable and comprehensible, starting with the introduction.  As the author and the designer of the interaction with your business or blog, it’s up to you to decide how you want your audience to interact.  However, you should always focus on getting your message across to the widest possible audience.  This emphasis means writing in the clearest language you can, and writing in a manner so that readers can quickly pick-up your ideas.

Hard to Read Blog Articles Text Formatting
Easy to Read Blog Articles Formatting

Tip 3: Focus on Formatting Blog Articles

One of the best ways to help readers understand your ideas and thesis is to write in short blocks of text and to highlight important parts for them to remember.  Be brief and keep your paragraphs short and to a point.  Make sure you stay on topic in each section and use things like headings, quotes, pictures, videos, or similar to call attention to the fact that you’ve honed in on a particular topic.  Remember that your reader is busy and wants to get through your content faster than you want them to.


Watch us Write this Very Article Using These Simple Tips

Three Simple Tips for Writing Blog Articles & A How-To Video

Tip 4: Keep Working At It

In a frenzied business world, where everyone has a growing list of things they have to do, keeping your articles focused, understandable, and consistent should be your goal.  If you learn these three basic tips for writing a blog post, you’ll be able to adapt them to a wide range of styles and audiences.

Thanks for reading, if you have other tips or tricks for writing great blog articles, please share them in the comments.  Here are 12 more tips for writing blog articles

As a bonus, here are 12 more tips for writing blog articles!


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